What would happen if none of us left to explore and think outside the box?


If we stop exploring, The woodland behind our neighbourhood, the mountains, the forests and the bottom of the oceans, the canopy of the Amazonian forests, what would it mean about ourselves if we took this attitude and that 'we stayed at home on the sofa. This is the question I asked myself when I decided to change my life and it is for this reason that I am here today with you.


My road was all mapped out with university studies and a defined path leading to a profession in the heart of the city of Montreal in the coming years. Having studied town planning at the age of 20, I envisioned my future in a tidy and conventional way.


During these studies which represent all the sciences and techniques allowing to adapt the urban habitat to the needs of the men, I learned to draw roads, buildings and parks in a systematic, clear way. And precise. Everything had to be symmetrical and exact. Right angles and perfect squares. The line measured to the nearest millimeter.




Maybe we feel lost when we leave the concrete streets and the worlds we have drawn on paper? Why do we need to orchestrate and direct the construction of every square meter of our living spaces?


My training left me with many questions, I recently decided to make the decision to go in search of answers and to open a way for my will to see if in an uncontrolled environment (in nature) we could feel comfort and even happiness when leaving the city to head a little more towards the unknown.


So I changed career, towards that a little more atypical of adventure filmmaker, whose job title in itself was almost non-existent at this period in 2013 in order to capture images and tell the stories of explorers. In remote areas in conditions and contexts that differ from what I had learned until recently here in town. Where are you going to learn the profession of adventure filmmaker? I had to invent certain new concepts and modify my equipment in order to practice this profession in unusual and majestic places such as during an expedition on the Yukon River that I crossed entirely, unexplored mountains in Antarctica and Quebec during a great crossing of the territory, from Natashquan to Montreal sleeping in a tent and making my way for 74 days.  


Very often, we put it off and we do not dare to move, because fear, always present, prevents us from doing so. Confronting it and jumping into the void in order to live my dreams is the best feeling I have had in my life, and I still experience it every time when developing a project.


Over the years, I have acquired some learning, this is what I retain from my various journeys;



What the mountain bequeathed to me:


  • Collaboration 


What the river gave me as a lesson:


  • Innovation 


What the forest taught me:


  • Regeneration 


What the glaciers transmitted to me:


  • Honesty and vulnerability 



I hold on tightly and I rush forward, still stronger than the day before, thanks to the trials I have overcome so far. We give everything. We are cold and very hungry sometimes, we get dehydrated, we put ourselves to the test every day, we are rarely safe from a downpour, our layers of merino wool clothing get wet, we shiver and we dream of being near a crackling fire. I chose to get started and invest everything in my profession, to tell the stories of my encounters over the kilometers traveled.

Trusting our intuition is what helps us. We are all leaders of tomorrow and going off the beaten track means reforging the future, rethinking a new way of life.

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