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Caroline Côté is an adventure filmmaker and photographer residing in Montreal. Her main role during an expedition is to bring back images in order to present them to the public in a documentary format. She crossed Svalbard in 63 days from North to South for a total of 1123 km with her partner in the arctic winter and she did 2 major expeditions on the Antarctica Peninsula of more than 30 days. She’s always in search of new projects to film. 


She also recently participated in the Pull of the North Expedition, where she followed the Yukon River for over two months and traveled through Alaska to meet with Athabaskan people.


She has just returned from northern Quebec where she went to meet people from Kuujjuaq, a subject that is highlighted in a trailrunning documentary called Traversées/ Passages currently on a world tour of festivals.


Filming in natural places, far away or in extreme conditions is her passion and her specialty. You can meet her on the Atlantic coast or at the top of Mount Washington with her camera or in the forest, as she loves to run at altitude (65 km, 85 km or 125 km). She might say that being an adventure filmmaker is only a title that can be put on a resume, but according to her it means a lot more.


What inspires her to do this work is to share inspiring stories. Her mission is to engage people in learning more about the subject of nature conservation and surpassing oneself. She studied in advertising at UdeM and completed studies in the field of cinema and communication.


2014 - XP Antarctik , 30 days of exploration of a small part of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Forbidden Plateau with 5 other Quebecers in order to create the documentary Le Plateau, and to carry out research conducted by Andrée-Anne Parent UQAM in relation to the reactions of the body human subject to harsh environment and extreme conditions. Shipping supported by the Canadian Space Agency. Return trip by sailing boat passing through Cape Horn for more than 10 days in total.  


2015 - Ocean crossing between St-Malo, France and Quebec with the crew of the sailboat Atlas Océan Racing in 21 days and the recognized skipper George Leblanc.


2016 - Pull of the North Expedition, 2000 km of canoeing on the Yukon River from its source to the Bering Sea, passing through the towns and villages bordering this waterway in order to collect testimonies from the inhabitants of the community Athabaskan and learn more about a way of life directly related to the environment. 2 months paddling accompanied by 3 other team members.  


2017 - Qamaniq Project , taking women to go beyond their limits in a context that takes them completely out of their comfort zone, in Kuururjuaq Park in order to create a documentary on this walking and running adventure and to bridge the gap between the relationship maintained between the Inuit and the population of southern Quebec.  


2018 - Électron Expedition , 2000 km supported crossing between the towns of Natashquan in Montreal by ski, on foot and by bike in order to take visuals for the Electron campaign put forward by the advertising agency LG2 and the company Hydro Quebec.  


2019 - Sea & Ice , Expedition retracing the footsteps of Wally Herbert, trying a new access to the Antarctic Peninsula Forbidden Plateau accompanied by an international team of 6 people. 25 days on the continent.

2019- Production of the documentary Traversées/Passages

2020 - From Montreal to Banff in 30 days by fixed gear bike.

2020 - Sea kayaking adventure in Norwegian fjords, Steigen to Tromsø in 11 days.

2021 - Project Svalbard: Polar Shadows  with renowned polar explorer Vincent Colliard.

Crossing the Svalbard archipelago for 63 days without supplies and in complete autonomy in the darkness of the Arctic polar winter 

2022 - Co-guide of the Greenland crossing East-West for Ousland Explorers